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What are wall ties? Why do they need replacement?

Wall Tie ReplacementCavity wall ties have been used in properties since the 20th century, their purpose is to protect the property from weather, keeping the heat in, and the wet out.  Properties using wall ties are constructed with two walls, with a cavity between them.  The two walls are tied together at certain points throughout the cavity using wall ties.  Over time these wall ties can corrode & expand, leading to bowing walls & cracks.

Since the 1980’s cavity wall tie replacement has become more commonplace throughout the county.  According to research by the BRE, 10 million homes in the UK may be in need of cavity wall tie replacement.  If replaced soon enough you can prevent the need for costly structural repair in the future.


Effects of Cavity Wall Tie Failure

Wall tie corrosion is a common problem for properties all across the UK, if left untreated a corroded, or damaged wall tie can cause serious structural stability issues.  In some cases the cracks formed through an expanding wall tie can lead to a bowing wall , without wall tie replacement the wall could even collapse.

When wall ties corrode & expand, it forces the bricks above & below the bed joints apart.  In really bad cases the area that the wall tie is laid in can become 6-7 times larger than it should be, if you notice cracks, or a bowing wall you may need a wall tie replacement.


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