Whether you have noticed a crack in your masonry, a bowing wall or a worn lintel, we can help.

Kent County Wall Ties are experienced in providing an array of structural repairs for residential properties.

Victorian House

Discovering a structural defect on your property can be a worry for any home-owner, you might panic that your house is suddenly going to fall down or that you might be lumbered with a costly bill to repair the problem.

Our trained masonry repair specialists have years of experience repairing & restoring domestic properties of all shapes and sizes.  We strive to make every structural repair as smooth and stress free as possible.   Our contractors use the latest health & safety practices & apply high attention to detail on every job.

We start by giving a comprehensive survey before completing any work, fully diagnosing the problem & explaining our proposed solution to you.  We know that it can be overwhelming and stressful so we always endeavour to explain in the simplest terms.

Kent County Wall Ties work closely with it’s residential clients to make sure they know exactly how we propose to fix the problem & how much it’s going to cost; we strive to meet your needs 100% of the way.

Take a look at our interactive house to see how our repair & restoration process works. 


Our Residential Masonry Repair Includes:

We are available for everything from decorative enhancements to structural problems

Need a Masonry Repair for Your Property?

Contact Kent CountyWall  Ties, we are specialists in masonry defects & all areas of structural repair.  We operate in Kent, Essex, London and attend properties around the rest of the UK.

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