When you have inconsistencies in the colour & look of your masonry, our brick tinting service can effectively restore areas of your building to their original look.
We work with homeowners & heritage sites to replace unmatched brick work through the art of brick tinting.

Brick tinting is an effective solution a variety of problems, including inconsistent brickwork, natural deterioration, staining, effects from pollution & cracks.

It’s much more convenient & less expensive than other solutions; No need to bring the wall down or try to find matching replacement bricks, which often aren’t manufactured any more!  Brick tinting is an affordable solution to bring a consistent appeal to your masonry.


Brick Tinting in Kent, Essex & London

Kent County Wallties works with residential & commercial clients across the country, including Kent, Essex & London.  If you are looking for an affordable solution to restore your brick tinting, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We will be happy to give you a quote, whether your job is big or small!

Call Us:  07826628531 or Request a Survey through our contact form.